Little Surprises in Scottish Libraries

During 2011, a few Edinburgh libraries and museums discovered the most adorable paper sculptures planted on tables and among the stacks. The sculptures covered the gambit, from trees to bird nests and phonographs to a Tyrannosaurus rex. The unknown artist claimed that these gifts expressed a small thank you to libraries and museums and their role in continuing the growth of words, books, and ideas. This is but one example of “guerrilla art,” and we don’t all have to be artists to say “thank you.” Leave a beautifully crafted note to a librarian in a book drop box or book request box; slip encouraging notes to patrons between the pages of your favorite books; tape your lovely doodles onto the bathroom stall walls rather than writing directly on the walls. Your options are endless.

To see the sculptures found in Scotland, check out the articles from Central Stn and NPR.