Posted in May 2012

DZANC e-Books

At the PLA 2012 Conference, I attended a workshop titled Getting eContent to your Customers, in which several speakers discussed the new challenges that libraries must overcome when it comes to providing e-content to their providers and a few resources libraries can use to overcome said challenges. Lisa Hickman, an employee of  DZANC Books, was … Continue reading

The Moth – Storytelling Programming

I recently attended a “Story Slam” Moth event here in Pittsburgh, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s where 10 storytellers are given 5 minutes to tell a true story that happened to them. After each performance, they are scored by groups of judges, and the highest scoring storyteller wins the evening and … Continue reading

Joel Stein and YA Lit

First off, I apologize for letting this lag for a bit! I just finished an absolute killer semester, but I have a couple weeks off and a fairly relaxing summer semester ahead of me (as relaxing as grad school allows, right?). A colleague of mine recently shared this blog post from Teen Librarian’s Toolbox, which … Continue reading