Joel Stein and YA Lit

First off, I apologize for letting this lag for a bit! I just finished an absolute killer semester, but I have a couple weeks off and a fairly relaxing summer semester ahead of me (as relaxing as grad school allows, right?).

A colleague of mine recently shared this blog post from Teen Librarian’s Toolbox, which is a well thought out response to Joel Stein’s fairly recent op-ed piece title “Adults Should Read Adult Books.” After reading Joel Stein’s piece and the rebuttal, I was infuriated. In a nutshell, Stein claims that adults should be reading adult books–not picture books (unless they’re being read aloud), not juvenile fiction, and not young adult books. What especially got my knickers in a twist was when he closed his piece by claiming that if his parents had read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing when he read it as a child, he “would have looked into boarding school.” We’re sorry that many parents (and teachers, librarians, and others) care about the kids in their lives read and want to show an interest?

The TLT post goes into much more depth about the various ways in which Stein’s argument is invalid and disrespectful. It’s definitely a must-read for everyone.