The Moth – Storytelling Programming

I recently attended a “Story Slam” Moth event here in Pittsburgh, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s where 10 storytellers are given 5 minutes to tell a true story that happened to them. After each performance, they are scored by groups of judges, and the highest scoring storyteller wins the evening and goes on to compete in a national event. I attended this event for my Storytelling course (and I will continue to attend Moth events whenever possible–I highly recommend the experience!), and one of our assignments for this semester is to create a proposal of a library storytelling event. If applicable to the community, a library can easily adapt this type of program to either a special or continuous event. It would be a great way to either provide programs for target audiences (teens, 20-somethings, senior citizens, etc.) or allow for inter-generational programming. And just as these “Story Slam” events are centered on a theme, so can your event! The one I attended was focused on music, and when The Moth comes back to Pittsburgh in June, the theme will be revenge. Hang on to your hats!