DZANC e-Books

At the PLA 2012 Conference, I attended a workshop titled Getting eContent to your Customers, in which several speakers discussed the new challenges that libraries must overcome when it comes to providing e-content to their providers and a few resources libraries can use to overcome said challenges. Lisa Hickman, an employee of  DZANC Books, was a member of the panel, and she talked about how libraries can effectively deliver e-books to their patrons through DZANC Ebooks. Not only is this appealing to libraries because this independent publishing company is a non-profit organization, but they also offer DRM-free products when it comes to their e-books.


However, DZANC Books wasn’t always in the business of selling e-books. In fact, this article from Wired displays the organization’s initial desire to only produce print books. However, due to changing technology and a growing market for e-books, DZANC Books is now delving into the e-book market. In today’s economy, when libraries need to cut costs and still provide necessary and desired services to their patrons, it might be organizations like DZANC Books. It especially speaks to DZANC Books’ credit that they have a Library Partners tab on their website.