Pinterest Boards for Libraries

It seems as if social media is quickly taking over our lives. MySpace to Facebook to Twitter, and beyond. It’s often difficult to remember which sites you’re using and which ones are even useful. One of the fairly new social media sites is Pinterest, for which I signed up for an account about a year ago. At first it was just a way to collect delicious-looking recipes I could drool over and quirky blogs I need to remind myself of.

However, I’ve started to use it in a much more professional way (granted, I always keep my social media accounts clean). Back in May, Syracuse hosted a Pinterest contest for the “New Librarian.” I attempted to create a board, but the pins I was adding just weren’t visually appealing, and that is one of the many reasons to use a social media site that is so dependent upon images. Thus, I quit my board and went back to drooling over food and blogs.

And then one of my colleagues created a Pinterest board titled The Stacks, which got me thinking again about how to create a library-specific board. I repinned a few of her pins, looked through my Project Ideas board and repinned a few things, and that really got me started. I primarily use my Library Stuff board as a way to collect program ideas, resources, and book lists. Surprise, surprise, they’re mostly oriented towards working with children and youth. Also, if you’re looking for teen-specific programs, I’ve recently created a board just for that–a colleague and I are using it as a way to collect teen program ideas for a project we’ve just started to work on.

Also, here are a few other Pinterest accounts to look into:
School Library Journal
New York Public Library
Multnomah County Library