Lesson Plans

Below is a small sample of programs I have implemented in various library and after-school programs:

Zines & Comics

  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: led a zines construction workshop for teens and adults
  • Sheldon Elementary: led zines and comics workshops for grade and middle school students, focusing on media, pop culture, and Edward Gorey’s illustration style
  • Oregon Coast Community Action: wrote and received and grant from the Coos County Cultural Coalition for and led an introduction to zines workshop for teens

The following programs took place at various elementary and middle schools in Franklin County, Vermont:

North American Geography

  • Vermont: discussed what makes Vermont unique and created postcards with a unique Vermont image (moose, ice cream, maple syrup, etc.)
  • Boston: created sports cards for the Celtics or Red Sox and sculpted various “green monsters” out of clay
  • Toronto: looked at a website that compares images from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to real places in Toronto and chose our own Toronto image to create a new cartoon-ized image
  • Pittsburgh: this was during the Super Bowl, so we created new potential logos for the Pittsburgh Steelers and made brown bag popcorn
  • Florida: discussed the different things you find and activities you can do at the beach, created our own beach scene on butcher paper
  • Colorado: created a description of and rules for at least two new potential winter Olympic sports

Asian Geography

  • Turkey: learned about tile mosaics and created paper mosaic designs
  • Russia: learned about the US/USSR space race and created paper and cardboard rockets
  • Kazakhstan: learned about the similarities between Vermont and Kazakhstan and made apple muffins
  • India: made hummus
  • Indonesia: created batik paintings with crayons and watercolors
  • China: made dragon puppets and paired up to write short puppet shows