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Public Library Satellite Branches in Schools

I recently wrote a research paper that addressed this topic, but I wanted to write something a little shorter that highlights what other libraries have done. When I was growing up, my middle school and high school were right across the street from each other, which made a lot of things handy, including easy access to … Continue reading

Pinterest Boards for Libraries

It seems as if social media is quickly taking over our lives. MySpace to Facebook to Twitter, and beyond. It’s often difficult to remember which sites you’re using and which ones are even useful. One of the fairly new social media sites is Pinterest, for which I signed up for an account about a year … Continue reading

Libraries Around Town

A colleague recently pointed me to a blog post about the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP), which is a program that allows for very small libraries to be inserted into community hot-spots. In this case, it’s a partnership with the city parks. I think this is amazing because not everyone can always make it to … Continue reading

Using iPads in Early Literacy

Thanks to Apple’s habit of making their products well-recognized, I don’t think I have to explain what an iPad is, but for the purposes of this blog post, it is a computer that is the size and shape of a tablet and its screen is controlled by touch and gently moving the tablet itself. In … Continue reading

DZANC e-Books

At the PLA 2012 Conference, I attended a workshop titled Getting eContent to your Customers, in which several speakers discussed the new challenges that libraries must overcome when it comes to providing e-content to their providers and a few resources libraries can use to overcome said challenges. Lisa Hickman, an employee of  DZANC Books, was … Continue reading

Books + Trees = Community

I recently came across a Tumblr titled Let’s Read Books, and if you love Harry Potter, Shel Silverstein, The Hunger Games, or books in general, this is just for you! However, the reason I stumbled across this site wasn’t because of Harry Potter, Shel Silverstein, or The Hunger Games–it was because of this image, in … Continue reading

Little Surprises in Scottish Libraries

During 2011, a few Edinburgh libraries and museums discovered the most adorable paper sculptures planted on tables and among the stacks. The sculptures covered the gambit, from trees to bird nests and phonographs to a Tyrannosaurus rex. The unknown artist claimed that these gifts expressed a small thank you to libraries and museums and their role … Continue reading

UW Lady Gaga Video

  I know this video is a little old, but we just talked about it in my management course yesterday while touching on marketing. While I love Lady Gaga’s music, this video provides a lot to think about. It really does a great job of reaching out to college students, letting them know just what … Continue reading

PLA 2012

So I just came back from PLA 2012 in Philadelphia, and it was AMAZING! Granted, it was my first library conference, but I was in love. Yes, it was exhausting to have information constantly being thrown at me, but it was also so exciting to hear about what different libraries around the country are doing. … Continue reading